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Episode 75: Breakfast Burritos for Dinner

This week we start the show off by spending 8 min. talking about McDonald’s breakfast. What’s that have to do with Pro Wrestling, you ask? Exactly.
Also: With all the Nazis, Racists and Murder charges floating around the wrestling world this week, we have one of the most interesting discussions yet. We discuss Snuka’s arrest, Hogan’s apology on ‘Good Morning America’, Zahra Schreiber the ‘Social Media Nazi’ and all the other horrible press that’s been happening around wrestling lately. We also (eventually) get around to talking about actual wrestling and discuss the new member of the Wyatts – Brawny Strongman, the future of the tag division, the Divas title, the return of The Dudley Boys and Sting to RAW and Seth Rollins pulling double-duty at ‘Night of Champions’. It’s a jam-packed hour and change full of laughter and tears. Listen to it. Psst….hey…buddy. I’m talking to you. Don’t be a jarbone. Listen to it.

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