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Word Life

To all the folks who are constantly wishing for a Cena heel turn, I give you a video from his 2003 heel roots.  Cena had a rivalry going with Kurt Angle back then and they fought a bunch of times although nothing too spectacular or memorable.  This particular video is from No Mercy 2003. Now the whole match is here, but I’m just posting it for the first 7 minutes or so to get a taste of some classic John Cena rap promos.  So much homophobia and thuganomics.  These rhymes are the best of the worst, enjoy!




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Episode 16: Taker’s Body

This week the boys discuss the big improvements to Impact Wrestling – huge Lockdown PPV, the Bully Ray heel turn, their first Impact on the road from Chicago, etc. We also discuss our thoughts on the Mania 29 card thus far, and we read tweets/emails from the listeners who chime in with their thoughts about the various matches/attractions announced for ‘Wrestlemania 29’. Jam packed show on the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’

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