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Enter the Dungeon of Doom!

Say what you will about Hulk Hogan, I think he’s one of the best comedic actors of our generation.  With classic lines like, “There are no Hulkamaniacs here” and “It’s not Hot!”  this amazing pretaped segment introduces the WCW stable known as the Dungeon of Doom.  The Dungeon of Doom’s primary purpose was to destroy Hulkamania and it failed miserably on every level.  History will record this as possibly the best of the worst wrestling segments ever committed to blurry videotape.  As a bonus to international viewers, this particular link includes the Japanese subtitles.


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Episode 14: It’s Not Hot!

In this week’s episode we discuss the fallout from the ‘Elimination Chamber’ PPV, The rise of The Shield, where we see Punk fitting into the ‘Mania 29’ card, Swagger’s DUI and current heat-magnet storyline with Zeb Coulter, as well as the history of racism or racially-charged angles in Pro Wrestling. We also introduce 2 new segments to the program – Mike’s ‘Match of the Week’ and Josh’s ‘Pick of the Week’ in which we recommend a foolish, embarrassing, awkward, hilarious video that you can watch if you want to feel ashamed of your favorite hobby – Pro Wrestling.

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