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How to throw a Berzerk party!

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that the classic  WWF wrestler The Berzerker had a fairly limited vocabulary.  On a good day it consisted of Huss! Huss!  Huss!  Well prepare to have your reality shattered, because as it turns out he knows a whole bunch more words and can even put them end to end in sentence-like grunts.  In this clip from a Coliseum Video from circa 1987 or so, The Berzerker and his manager Mr. Fuji help you out with some pro-tips of how to throw a party unlike any you’ve ever seen.  You’ll need invitations, and gimmicks for the kids, some peanut butter sandwiches that you make with your hands only and probably some cocaine to think any of this is a good idea.

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