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Episode 97: The Curtain Call (Finale)

For the past 4 years, the three of us were able to turn our life-long Pro Wrestling fandom into an on-going conversation that other like-minded people could enjoy and join in on. It was an awesome experience and to know that thousands of people over the years have listened to us, cared about what we had to say and talked with us – over email, in person at shows, on Twitter – it is humbling to say the least. Whether we were texting one another about what to discuss on the show, trying to come up with t-shirt ideas that never came to be (for the record, my idea was to have the shirt say “Life is a Work” on the back), going to WrestleCon as a group to talk to wrestlers and fans, fighting with people on Twitter, or just sitting down to record a podcast after a long, crazy day – we enjoyed every minute of it. We always tried to give you guys the best show possible no matter what else was going on in our lives, and we hope that showed. If you’ve ever listened to even one Dusty Finish podcast – we thank you. We had a blast doing it and are proud of our show. Four years is a damn good run. We end that run exactly the way we started it four years ago – discussing WWE’s Summerslam event. We talk all things Summerslam and a whole lot more (Bolo Yeung’s son). All bets are off for the Grand Finale! This was always supposed to be about 3 close friends talking wrestling, and no matter how tired or busy we were or how down we were on the current product – once that light went on and the recording began, we could talk for hours. We hope all of you guys have enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed making the show. Though “The Dusty Finish” podcast is going away, we will continue to exist on Twitter so be sure to follow us @DustyFinishPod to continue to hear our thoughts on wrestling and to stay informed on what’s next for The Dusty boys. Thank you again to everyone. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors…

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