Living the gimmick.

Episode 40: Oh Grass!

The Dusty gang discusses HHH vs Daniel Bryan, Bryan’s chances at Wrestlemania XXX, Josh recounts his own real-life battle with HHH and we talk “Wrestlemania Dream Matches” and read your picks on-air. This episode is jam-packed with wrestling goodness for you to sink your teeth into. Chow down.

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  1. My fantasy booking for Wrestlemania would hands down be Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat from their feud in the late 70’s (78-79) for Flairs Mid Atlantic TV belt. It was NWA wrestling at its best ,As Flair was starting to be the man for Crockett and was to start geting the push for the US Title ( yep that belt along with the Missouri Heavyweight title was a stepping stone to the NWA title) They set up probably the hottest angle pre Four Horseman days with Flair calling out Steamboat and messing up his face and Steamboat stripping off Flairs clothes ( which would be repeated countless times in other Flair Feuds) but this angle was the blueprint for how Flair programs would go for the next 2 decades. Look it up on Youtube and enjoy.


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