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Paul Bearer Classics

As mentioned on episode 19 of the Dusty Finish, here are the video clips commemorating some of the most bizarre appearances of the late William Moody.  In this first clip from the Great American Bash in 2004, The Undertaker takes on the Dudley Boyz in a handicap match with the stipulation having something to do with Paul Bearer standing in a “concrete crypt.”  After Taker gets the pin on Devon Dudley, Paul Heyman gets furious and threatens to encase Paul Bearer in concrete.  Undertaker calls Paul Heyman on his bluff and goes ahead and “kills” Paul Bearer himself.  I guess it was the only way to save him (?)  Paul Bearer would of course return in the future, but this seemed like a definitive end to the character at the time.


Another classic Paul Bearer moment for altogether different reasons is this one from the Attitude Era.  It involves a raunchy backstage interview between Bearer and Jerry “the King” Lawler in which they discuss how Paul got busy with Undertaker’s Mom.  But get this, he’s super candid because he believes the camera to be off!  You’ll hear memorable lines such as “buries his bologna” and “slips the salami” from the King. This segment was probably written either by Vince Russo or a 12 year old boy, it’s pretty hard to tell sometimes.

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