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Episode 16: Taker’s Body

This week the boys discuss the big improvements to Impact Wrestling – huge Lockdown PPV, the Bully Ray heel turn, their first Impact on the road from Chicago, etc. We also discuss our thoughts on the Mania 29 card thus far, and we read tweets/emails from the listeners who chime in with their thoughts about the various matches/attractions announced for ‘Wrestlemania 29’. Jam packed show on the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’

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  1. Hey guys!

    Thanks for reading my comments. I agree – it’s unlikely that Dolph will cash in at Mania, but it would be an awesome moment if he did. If they stop messing about and push him as a true main event star, then the sky’s the limit for him.

    Anyway… love the show. Keep up the good work!


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  2. With ten matches and a P Diddy performance announced, it looks like Mania is very much going to be a case of quantity over quality. I’m sure the three big main events will get plenty of time, but logic suggests that the rest of the card is going to rushed through.


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