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Episode 31: Hogan Knows Low-Balled

The Dusty gang is back to discuss the injury of Bray Wyatt, The Cody/Goldust tag-team champion victory, as well as the recent Hogan/TNA/WWE negotiations. It’s an episode that will change the world of wrestling FOREVER.

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Lynch’s Pick (October) – Sting vs DDP World Title Match (Nitro 1999)

Growing up I was a huge WCW mark. Especially the later WCW stuff from the mid 90’s until when they were bought out by the WWE. Unlike many life-long fans, I did not watch wrestling much as a kid. I knew OF it, because my brother and cousin (who have long since abandoned the sport) were very into it. So I knew about Hogan, the Iron Shiek, Macho Man, Piper, etc. But I never cared much. Then in high school I got into WCW around the time the nWo was running rough-shod on the industry and this guy who looked like The Crow was descending from the rafters on a weekly basis. So despite all the bad-mouthing people do about WCW during this period, and how it compares to the well developed/polished product of WWE today, I still have to say – that era was my first love. It is what made me care about wrestling at all. It’s what sucked me in and I have never stopped watching ever since.

Needless to say, when WWE finally started releasing some of the vast library of WCW footage they now own exclusive rights to, I was excited. I bought the “Best of Starrcade” set and was met with a little disappointment. Not great. So when “The Best of Monday Nitro vol. 1” was released, I was almost scared to watch. What if I re-live these nostalgic childhood moments and NONE of them hold up? What if the current wrestling fan in me has evolved to the point where I wind up HATING every second of this stuff? SO i put off watching it for years. Until recently. I spent the last week chipping away at the “Best of Monday Nitro vol. 1″ and I have to say – despite there definitely being plenty of moments where I was proven right (and thought ‘ugh, how did I ever like this gimmick/angle?”) There still were some classic gems that I felt validated my love for this era. Bret Hart tricking Goldberg by having a metal plate under his hockey jersey? Jericho reading off his list of 1004 holds? All great. Even some of the matches were good. One stood out to me in particular. DDP vs Sting for the World Title. Now 1999 is already when WCW started to lose its traction, so by no means did this match take place during the heyday of the show i loved, but it def is one of DDP’s best matches (if not his very best ever) and I think the last few minutes of this match make it one of my favorite matches from this era. Also – these two guys embodied WCW for me. For me guys like Goldberg, Sting, DDP, Flair – they would never BE WWF/E guys, no matter WHO owns their footage library or who owns the rights to their likeness now. For me – those guys are WCW for life. So for me Sting vs DDP for the World Title Belt that I cared the most about (at the time) is a snapshot of that era. I won’t spoil the finish for you, but its awesome. Enjoy.


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