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Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Legend of Torborg (part 1 of 78)

People don’t put about Dale Torborg in the same category as ring legends such as Eddie Guerrero, Randy Savage or the Dynamite Kid and you know that’s a damn shame.  If only you could see what I see and understand the power of Torborg.  Hopefully after this exhaustive series you’ll recognize what a shining star this “Demon” really was.  Tonight’s gem: Torborg vs. The Maestro on WCW Thunder.  In this match Torborg sports his legendary “Kane the Big Red Baseball Player” gimmick.

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Episode 2: Hulk Johan

Welcome back for another biweekly installment of the Dusty Finish podcast where your expert hosts talk seriously about the serious world of Professional Wrestling.  Get ready to jump into the squared circle as we discuss Summerslam results and the TV PG direction of WWE television.

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