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CM Punk’s Grammar Slam

In our most recent podcast we talk about this great video series starring CM Punk put out by the Nerdist youtube channel.  CM Punk gets a lot of emails and tweets, most of them from furious raving lunatics who have no idea what the difference between the words “figuratively” and “literally” are.  Well it’s time for CM Punk to strike back cutting promos on these semi illiterate fans and their horrible grammar.   So far there are 5 posted and hopefully there are more to come.


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How to throw a Berzerk party!

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that the classic  WWF wrestler The Berzerker had a fairly limited vocabulary.  On a good day it consisted of Huss! Huss!  Huss!  Well prepare to have your reality shattered, because as it turns out he knows a whole bunch more words and can even put them end to end in sentence-like grunts.  In this clip from a Coliseum Video from circa 1987 or so, The Berzerker and his manager Mr. Fuji help you out with some pro-tips of how to throw a party unlike any you’ve ever seen.  You’ll need invitations, and gimmicks for the kids, some peanut butter sandwiches that you make with your hands only and probably some cocaine to think any of this is a good idea.

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Jeff Hardy Blows Up

Out of all the “accident” angles I’ve seen in the past, this one sticks out to me as the most realistic. Back in 2008 on Smackdown, Jeff Hardy comes out to confront Edge after he’s called out.  Jeff enters and begins dancing out of the entrance way in his raver guy way.  He makes it almost down the ramp when his pyro goes off…seemingly in his face!  They show this one from a few different camera angles and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like the Charismatic Enigma got a fireball right in the kisser.  He was fine of course and luckily this was just a well executed work.

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Paul Bearer Classics

As mentioned on episode 19 of the Dusty Finish, here are the video clips commemorating some of the most bizarre appearances of the late William Moody.  In this first clip from the Great American Bash in 2004, The Undertaker takes on the Dudley Boyz in a handicap match with the stipulation having something to do with Paul Bearer standing in a “concrete crypt.”  After Taker gets the pin on Devon Dudley, Paul Heyman gets furious and threatens to encase Paul Bearer in concrete.  Undertaker calls Paul Heyman on his bluff and goes ahead and “kills” Paul Bearer himself.  I guess it was the only way to save him (?)  Paul Bearer would of course return in the future, but this seemed like a definitive end to the character at the time.


Another classic Paul Bearer moment for altogether different reasons is this one from the Attitude Era.  It involves a raunchy backstage interview between Bearer and Jerry “the King” Lawler in which they discuss how Paul got busy with Undertaker’s Mom.  But get this, he’s super candid because he believes the camera to be off!  You’ll hear memorable lines such as “buries his bologna” and “slips the salami” from the King. This segment was probably written either by Vince Russo or a 12 year old boy, it’s pretty hard to tell sometimes.

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Mike’s MOTW 3/22/13

Here are the matches I picked for your viewing enjoyment on Episode 16. I have been on a serious NJPW kick lately (thanks to Bret Hart’s book that I am currently in the middle of) and so I went down a bit of a rabbit hole last week on youtube looking up all these classic match-ups from the 80s/90s. Black Tiger (at the time played by Eddie Guerrero, but both before and after him, played by various other non-Japanese wrestlers) vs arguably the greatest Jr. Heavyweight in Japan’s history – Jyushin Liger. They had a long running feud with multiple matches. The one featured here is the 2nd time they fought for the IWGP Jr. Title. Eddie’s work outside of WWE (Japan, Mexico, ECW, and early WCW) is my favorite part of his career, as much as I do love and respect his later years on the grand stage in WWE. Eddie was one of the greats and going back to this old stuff always serves to remind me of that. I mention on the show how I was ORIGINALLY going to pick a Bret Hart match from NJPW since that’s what got me started down this path in the first place, so I have also included links to the Tiger Mask I vs Bret Hart NJPW match from 1982. Worth it just to see Bret before the ‘Hitman’ gimmick/character is fully formed, and seeing all the little traces of what would later become all his trademark stuff. Great stuff. NJPW history is littered with tons of classic moments/matches, so if you’re not that familiar with Japanese wrestling (or PuroResu) you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy.

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