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Match of the Month – November: Cactus Jack vs Vader (Halloween Havoc ’93)

Finally, our first alternate commentary for a ‘Match of the Month’ selection. Intended for you to cue this match up on your WWE Network,and then listen along to our commentary while you watch the match. For our first time out, we selected the main event of “WCW Halloween Havoc ’93” which was a ‘Texas Death Match’ between Big Van Vader and Cactus Jack. The match is a chaotic mess, but is still entertaining and definitely serves to show the drastic differences between the wrestling we grew up on, and the current product fans are accustomed to today. Back then it was much less protected, much more hard-hitting, much less choreographed – and I think this match really shows that. This was our first time doing this, and we had a technical snag, so at some point in the podcast, you may not hear us saying anything for about 30 seconds. It’s fine, just keep on watching, and we eventually come back in with our hilarious commentary. Pull the match up on your network, press play on our commentary and enjoy. There will be one of these each month moving forward, so let us know what you think.

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